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We record Personal Data in the form of contact details provided to us to facilitate communication between organisations that are, or may be, working with us to manage our company or as part of a project team.

We consider that this processing is necessary for our 'Legitimate Interests' (or those of third parties) and we believe that this processing is proportionate, has minimal privacy impact and that you would not be surprised by it or likely to object to it. 

We do not record your contact details if there is a good reason to protect your personal data that overrides these Legitimate Interests, or circulate your Personal Data outside our company or project teams without express consent from you.

You can request a copy of your data and ask for it to be completed, rectified or erased.

You can also object to the processing described above to prevent your details being held in our record.

We use cookies only as required by our web host to facilitate the operation of the web site.

We do not seek to collect or retain Personal Data from your visit to the site and our web site does not provide opportunities to enter Personal Data.

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