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Tuke House - Student Accommodation, York

This redevelopment of a former working men's club and adjacent public house creates 114 high-quality open-market student bedrooms in managed residential accommodation with associated communal, management and ancillary facilities. This redevelopment introduces a use that makes the most of the site’s potential and provides a catalyst for the regeneration of an unused and neglected site.

The site contains buildings with important heritage associations. Both of the existing buildings are retained, inappropriate modern additions removed and retained fabric is repaired and refurbished to retain the significance of the heritage assets.

A new wing at the rear of the site  creates the required accommodation, improving the setting of the heritage assets with a new courtyard and maintaining the prominence of the listed building in the public domain. The townscape and character of the adjacent streets is dramatically improved by the re-invigoration of this prominent site and the future of an important heritage asset has been secured.

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